É uma técnica simples. Mediante a retirada de sangue da veia E SUA IMEDIATA APLICAÇÃO NO MÚSCULO, AUMENTA EM QUATRO VEZES O NÚMERO DE MACRÓFAGOS NO ORGANISMO. São os macrófagos QUE FAZEM A LIMPEZA DE TUDO, eliminando bactérias, vírus e câncer.

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Segunda-feira, 25 de novembro de 2013 - 11:57:42 "Auto-hemotherapy is a technique of preventing and curing diseases. Healing to boost immunity in four times. Cost : a syringe to apply the injection. ...". À Mercy Chidi, Fiona Sampson and African Voices Editor. A queniana Mercy Chidi, defensora dos direitos das crianças, e Fiona Sampson, advogada canadense especialista em direitos humanos, o texto que segue. As descobri através de campanha da Avaaz, com o título "De uma menina de 11 anos para a polícia: estupro é crime". É mais um apelo à multiplicação de usuários da auto-hemoterapia no planeta. Segue o inteiro teor do mail. Ladies: Mercy Chidi , Fiona Sampson and African Voices Editor : Auto-hemotherapy is a technique of preventing and curing diseases. Healing to boost immunity in four times. Cost : a syringe to apply the injection. For the needy and assaulted the planet. Especially for children, women, the elderly and those who need health care for its intermediate Following basic information about auto-hemotherapy . Ubervalter Coimbra , Brazil . translate.google.com Autohemotherapy (synthetic text of Dr. Luiz Moura ) It is a low cost therapeutic resource , which boils down to simple drawing blood from a vein and apply the muscle , thereby stimulating the reticuloendothelial system , quadrupling macrophages throughout the body. The technique is simple : cut up the blood from a vein - usually the inside of the elbow - and applies the muscle , upper arm or buttock , without adding anything to the blood . The volume withdrawn from 5ml to 20ml varies depending on the severity of the illness being treated. The blood , body tissue , in contact with the muscle , extra- vascular tissue , triggers a reaction of rejection thereof, thereby stimulating SRE The bone marrow produces more monocytes that will colonize the organic tissues and then they are called macrophages . Before applying the blood on average count of macrophages is around 5 % . After applying the rate rises and , after 8h , reaches 22 % . For 5 days remained between 20 and 22 % for return to 5 % after 7 days from the application of self- blood therapy . The return to 5 % occurs when there is blood in the muscle . Autoimmune diseases infectious , allergic , foreign bodies such as ovarian cysts , fibroids , obstruction of blood vessels are fought by macrophages , which quadrupled , so can overcome these disease states or at least slow them down . In the particular case of autoimmune diseases, self-harm due to the perversion of the immune system is diverted to the blood applied to the muscle, thus improving the patient . 1. HISTORY In 1911 , F. Ravaut records : mode of self treatment ( uno mismo , haima - bleeds ) employed in various infectious diseases , particularly in typhoid fever and various dermatoses . Ravaut uses auto-hemotherapy in certain cases of asthma, urticaria and anaphylactic states ( encyclopedic dictionary of medicine, T.1 , L. Braier ) . In 1941 Dr. Leopoldo Cea , in Dictionary of Terms Expressiones Hematologic Y , pg 37 , cites : Autohemotherapy , method of treatment consisting en inject one individual cierta cantidad total sangre ( Y serum globules ) , making this mismo individual. H. Dousset - Auto - hemotherapy - Technical essentials . It is useful in some cases to dessensibilizações - 1941 . Stedman - Medical Dictionary - 25th edition - 1976 - page 129 - Auto - hemotherapy - Autohemotherapy - treatment of disease by removal and reinjection of the patient's own blood . 1977 - Clinical Index - Blacove Alain Belair - Autohemotherapy - nonspecific desensitization therapy. However Professor Jesse Teixeira was proved that the SRE was activated by auto-hemotherapy , in his work published in 1940 and awarded in Brazil Magazine - Surgical , in the month of March Jesse Teixeira led to the formation of a bubble in the thigh of patients with cantharides , irritant. Did the counting of macrophages before auto - hemotherapy , the figure was 5% . After the auto-hemotherapy the figure rose from the 1st hour , arriving after 8 hours at 22 % . Remained at 22 % for 5 days , and finally declined to 5 % on the 7th day after application . 2 . THERAPEUTIC ACTION OF SELF - HEMOTHERAPY Between 1943 and 1947 , while studying at the National School of Medicine , applied auto-hemotherapy order of fulfilling my father , Professor Pedro Moura , in patients he operated on Home Health S. Joseph in Rio de Janeiro . The first application was made in the patient's home and the 2nd 5 days later , the House of Health in the patient's room , and was always 10ml . The purpose was to avoid the application pulmonary infection or other infectious complication , since the time anesthesia with ether was generally that quite irritated lungs. The Surgeon General , Dr. Pedro Moura has adopted this method compared to the success of Professor Jesse Teixeira , who recorded 150 surgeries in the most varied , 0 % of post -operative infectious complications in 1940 . After graduation I continued to apply auto-hemotherapy only in cases of juvenile acne and some allergic dermatoses background. However , I owe to Dr. Garofalo Floramante in 1976 , when he was then 71 years old, the knowledge that resulted in more coverage of the therapeutic action of auto - hemotherapy . In March 1976 Dr. Garofalo complained of strong cramps in his right leg when walking more than 100 meters. I suggested to my colleague that he might seek angiologist , Dr. Antonio Vieira de Melo . Decided to do this the right femoral arteriography , being found obstruction of about 10cm to the middle third of the right thigh level . The angiologist told Dr. Garofalo would solve the problem with a prosthesis , which would replace the obstructed segment of the femoral artery. Dr. Garofalo told angiologist "do not want to become a bionic man , tomorrow I will have another blocked artery and will have to put new dentures . I'll solve the problem with auto-hemotherapy . " I then offered to do the applications . During 4 months , 7 in 7 days , apply 10ml of blood in Dr. Garofalo , who then decided to undergo the new right femoral arteriography , since he could walk normally . However , Dr. Antonio Vieira de Melo believed it was impossible that the artery was free of obstruction, attributing the improvement to the suggestion . Repeated arteriography , there was no obstruction in the right femoral . It was then that Dr. Garofalo presented me with the work of Jesse Teixeira , 1940 and Ricardo Veronesi , 1976 . The stimulation of SRE proven by Jesse Teixeira and actions of this well explained in the work of Ricardo Veronesi , explained the patency of femoral artery Garofalo and opened a huge field in the treatment of autoimmune diseases . In September 1976 he was admitted in the Medical Clinic of the Cardoso Fontes Hospital one patient whose diagnosis was clarified by dermatological consultant Clinic , Dr. Alvares Ryssia Floriao . Biopsies done on the breasts , abdomen and thigh A. S. O. ( F ) - 52, forwarded these to the Hospital pathologist , Dr. Gloria de Morais Patello , the diagnosis was : scleroderma finals . Dr. Ryssia , who had been resident in Dermatology Clinic in the United States of America , in New York , where converged patients with E. S. P., said he could do little for the patient , because that clinic was nothing more than a deposit of scleroderma " " The patient began treatment with E. S. P, on 10/09/1976 . To induce immune deviation and thus alleviate the patient's blood applied 5ml and 5ml each deltoid in each buttock 5 in 5 days. The patient no longer walked for 8 months and not deglutition solids , liquids only , due to stricture of the esophagus . 10/10/1976 day the patient left the hospital walking , with improved high- signed by Dr. Ryssia . The patient continued treatment with reduced to 10ml of blood per week dosing. In May 1977 the patient A. S. O. was readmitted for evaluation, and found great improvement over the day 10/10/1976 , when he was discharged in the previous year. Arose on occasion a contest sponsored by Roche Laboratory - Air Force Central Hospital . Then written a meticulously documented work, both with complementary examinations as well with photos in slide patient in September 1976 and May 1977. The competition , whose theme was originality, no published work . From this case, where auto-hemotherapy proved to be powerful therapeutic weapon in autoimmune diseases , I started to apply it in allergic diseases , with excellent results . Briefly present some cases that deserve mention : · 1980 - M. of G. S. - 28 years old, employed by Petrobras . Diagnosis progressive systemic scleroderma - Decision of the medical management of Petrobras - retire patient. 22 years ago has been dealing with auto-hemotherapy . Is asymptomatic and should retire in 2005 for length of service . · 1980 - G. S. C. ( F ) , 55 - Diagnosis - myasthenia gravis , the Institute of Neurology - Avenue Pasteur - RJ . The patient , now though with the disease live normally takes the bus. It is the only patient who survives among those diagnosed in 1980 as myasthenia gravis , the Institute of Neurology . · 1982 - J. of S. R. ( M ) , 30 years - Diagnosis - Crohn's disease - was treated with auto-hemotherapy 10ml weekly for 1 year. To date had no symptoms of the illness that befell in 1982 . · 1990 - M. of R. S. ( M ) , 22 years - Crohn's disease - Interestingly the disease started after the patient is assaulted , when the time was the entrance exam for dentistry. Prescribed auto - hemotherapy , which was applied by the patient's own father . Asymptomatic until today . · 1997 - R. S. ( F ) , 35 years - Diagnosis - L.E.S. - Auto-hemotherapy allowed the patient to have a normal life , traveling abroad with street children she teaches dance . In 1978 , my daughter who lives in Spain , had polycystic ovaries, not ovulava was barren. Asked Dr. Peter - obstetrician and gynecologist - to do auto-hemotherapy 10ml weekly . After 6 months she became pregnant , and repeated the test with tubal insufflation, no longer had more cysts . Dr Peter attended the birth of my grandchildren , a couple, now 20 and 21 respectively , and continued applying IUD over 20 years in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy . · 1990 - M. D. C. ( F ) , 24 years - The patient started to present frequent epistaxis and petechiae . When presented otorrhagia was referred to a hematologist who diagnosed as thrombocytopenic purpura . 6 months was treated with corticosteroids at high doses until they no longer were effective and platelets dropped to 10.000mm3de blood. The hematologist decided to use chemotherapy , achieving elevation of platelets to near normal levels for 2 months. The chemotherapy did not produce more effect and the patient was referred to a surgeon to undergo splenectomy . The patient refused when the surgeon failed to ensure that the liver would assume the function of the spleen . The patient came to me and I sent apply auto-hemotherapy . Platelets returned to normal , the patient then had 2 more children, and lives a normal life with your spleen . 1982 - M. - ( F ) - The patient rents horses to tourists in Visconde de Maua . Was stung by a banana spider on his right leg, which gangrene , getting exposed tibia . Was admitted to St. Casa de Rezende , where it was decided to amputation. Already on the operating table , the patient decided not to accept the amputation of the leg , as the Butantan Institute advocated for these cases . Signed liability waiver and was released. To me , and I establishing the self - hemotherapy and wash the wound with a solution of magnesium chloride , as did Pierre Delbet surgeon in the war from 1914 to 1918 . In 20 days the patient was cured , working with his leg today. Hopefully Complementary Medicine through its magazine , discloses a therapeutic technique that really can do to at least alleviate human suffering . In http://luizsarmento.blogspot.com.br/p/auto-hemoterapia_8308.html Video: Auto - hemotherapy * Conversation with Dr. Luiz Moura A doctor shares his clinical experience . Speaks of therapy of low cost, simple , which boils down to draw blood from a vein and apply the muscle , quadrupling macrophages and stimulating the immune defense throughout the body. Portuguese , English subtitles. Autohemotherapy * Auto - hemotherapy - part 1 - Talking to Dr. Luiz Moura http://videolog.tv/483554 · Autohemotherapy * Auto - hemotherapy - part 2 - Talking to Dr. Luiz Moura · http://videolog.tv/482800 · Autohemotherapy * Auto - hemotherapy - part 3 - Talking to Dr. Luiz Moura · http://videolog.tv/482803 · Autohemotherapy * Auto - hemotherapy - part 4 - Talking to Dr. Luiz Moura · http://videolog.tv/483531 in Spanish: Autohemoterapia: una con nuestra propia sangre inmunización : http://www.geocities.ws/autohemoterapiabr/aht_espanol.htm http://autohemoterapia.orgfree.com/aht_espanol.htm Ubervalter Coimbra 63 anos - Vitória - ES, Brasil Conteúdo postado em http://hemoterapia.org/informacoes_e_debate/ver_opiniao/auto-hemotherapy -is-a-technique-of-preventing-and-curing.asp
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