É uma técnica simples. Mediante a retirada de sangue da veia E SUA IMEDIATA APLICAÇÃO NO MÚSCULO, AUMENTA EM QUATRO VEZES O NÚMERO DE MACRÓFAGOS NO ORGANISMO. São os macrófagos QUE FAZEM A LIMPEZA DE TUDO, eliminando bactérias, vírus e câncer.

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 Open to Mr Oliver Johnson, MD (sent by email to oliver.johnson @kcl.ac.uk) Charter. 

As a physician, The Following text might interest you and allow the first contact with the subject. Auto-hemotherapy is a technique que applies to any number of diseases, including malaria, so I Believe that you can save many lives Which currently works with his job. 

Still Convinced by the effectiveness of the technique you can, and really help in the rescue is knowledge of health professionals from around the world. 

Grateful for the attention, 


Autohemotherapy GUN TO TREAT EBOLA 
The self-blood therapy is effective in treating Ebola. Ebola hit people in four countries: Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, as in epidemic form, and Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa. The disease has killed 672 people, 1,201 infected. Auto-hemotherapy cures to boost immunity in four times and costs a syringe to apply the injection. 
"If contracted Ebola is one of the most deadly diseases que exist. It is a highly infectious virus que can kill over 90% of people who contract, Causing panic in infected populations. 
The international humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has treated hundreds of people with the disease and contain Helped Numerous epidemics threatening. ... "According to Doctors Without Borders inhttp :/ / www.msf.org.br/conteudo/74/ebola/ < /di>
Viruses, bacteria and fungi are among the diseases treated by auto-hemotherapy, the evidenced by the vast literature on the technique. But the World Health Organization (WHO) ignores the treatment, Which Affect Millions of people worldwide. The WHO reports que there is no vaccine or specific treatment for Ebola. 
However, the author of "Autohemotherapy Reference Manual: Definitive Guide & Historical Review, From Bloodletting to Stem Cells", Stuart Hale Shakman, PhD, points the way to the application of auto-hemotherapy to not only treat Ebola, as well as malaria and AIDS. 
"... The safety features, low cost and immediate effectiveness of self-hemotherapy, indicar its useful against a large spectrum of diseases where the invading organism or Causing spreads through blood, regardless of the origin or independently or the identity of the causative organism , including malaria, ebola and AIDS (intramuscular treatment of auto-hemotherapy, the results favorably against malaria and AIDS, an alternate form was Indicated) .... ". The information is in "AUTO-HEMOTHERAPY - The MAGIC STING?" Excerpt from his manual. See the version in Portuguese and Inglês inhttp :/ / www.instituteofscience.com / AUTOHEMOTERAPIA_A_PICADA_MAGICA_Stuart_Shakman.pdf Shakman is executive director of the Office of Science of Santa Monica, California, United States of America (USA). 
Like many other authors, PhD states self-hemotherapy That Should be applied to all early medical care in emergency rooms, and poor communities and remote areas, as a preventive measure. In the emergency room, even before the diagnosis of the disease afflicting the patient. The technique is effective, simple and inexpensive. 
Brazilian doctor Luiz Moura Became the largest publisher of self-hemotherapy in the world to teach a class on the subject. Recorded on DVD, then released by internet interview, he Explains what is the technique of didactic. In response about auto-hemotherapy works in outbreaks, says:. "In this work, there would be great value, enormous savings because today people who were already attacked by evil, for these evils, They would have Their recovery, faster restoration of health, disease duration would be less because the healer is actually the immune system. and people who have not defiled Themselves, if They Were on the action of AH and activated with your immune system, They Do not would take, would not have the disease, then Prevent the disease from spreading in a greater number of people and an important detail, When the disease will be replicating from one person to another, the microbe or virus passe more active and virulent, the replicagem it Increases the resistance of the virus or bacteria, (.) But then That would be common practice, everyone doing the AH (.) .... ". See interview doctor about auto-hemotherapy inhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ui6c5zRItC4 &l t;/ font>
   And Autohemotherapy 
an immunization with our own blood 

Auto-hemotherapy was first applied in 1898 and was widely used until the 50s of last century. Then to sell new drugs, pharmaceutical companies worldwide campaign Conducted Which led to the forgetfulness of self-hemotherapy by most health professionals. Also the WHO chooses to ignore studies about the Importance and effectiveness of self-hemotherapy. 
Ubervalter Coimbra 
64 years - Vitoria - ES 

Produced on July 30, 2014 
Ubervalter Coimbra 
64 years - Vitoria - ES, Brazil 
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